This Centre has been an audio-visual centre of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese since 1977 . We produce religion, cultural, moral education programs in diversified audio-visual products, including DVD, CD , Books and Multimedia products, etc. Circulation reaches not only in families, schools and churches in Hong Kong , but also in Mainland China, Taiwan , America , Australia, and Europe. These years, we also develop and Promote media education and training.

本中心是天主教香港教區的影音製作部門,創立於一九七七年。我們製作品質優良的影音製品,包括鐳射唱片、盒帶、電腦光碟、錄影帶、書籍等; 藉以利用多元化的媒體製作各類宗教, 文化,德育節目,適合家庭,學校宗教團體使用。我們的產品不但在本港銷售,更在中國大陸,台灣,美加等地銷售。此外,我們更致力於傳媒教育及培訓。


Address :
10/F,Hong Kong Diocese centre,16 caine road , central , Hong Kong

Tel : 2525 5588

Fax : 2537 9774

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