Teresa Tunay, SIGNIS Award jury members announced the result

Reverend Dominic Chan, Vicar General of Diocese of Hong Kong

Reverend Dominic Chan, V.G. presented the award (left)

Li Cheuk-to, Artistic Director of HKIFF accepted the trophy on behalf of the awardees

“The Rainbow Troops” wins SIGNIS Award at
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009

The SIGNIS Award, introduced to Asia once again at the 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival, went to The Rainbow Troops directed by Riri Riza (Indonesia). Reverend Dominic Chan, Vicar General of Diocese of Hong Kong, presented the award at the ceremony on March 31st 2009.

“In two hours the film takes the viewer to a world we perhaps know very little of but dream much about - a world that gives us hope for the future. In this world, the dignity of human person is of prime importance, and equality is possible for rich and poor alike. Here, compassion, caring for others matters more than cash and worldly success bringing out the best in every person it touches.”


The Jury complimented the festival office, for their good selection of films with a wide spectrum of cultures and geographical representations. A Commendation was given to The Blue Bird directed by Nakanishi Kenji (Japan).

“This powerful film urges us to be more attentive to the inner workings of our mind, sensitive to other people's feelings, and mindful about how even our seemingly harmless actions affect our human relationships. It shows us how one man's conviction can effect transformation in others, that a better world begins with ourselves; and that our personal growth comes from earnestly learning the many lessons that our various experiences try to teach us.” 

<SIGNIS Award> is co-organised with SIGNIS Hong Kong and introduced in the Hong Kong international film festival since 2004. It is a salute to quality films with significant artistic, human, social, and spiritual values. Members of the SIGNIS Jury were: Teresa Tunay (Philippines), Pablo Marcet Bonel (Spain) and Shirley Tsang (Hong Kong).

Group Photo

 The Blue Bird
The Rainbow Troops